Communicative leadership for women

Execute a more distinct leadership by using rhetoric - and strengthen yourself as a professional, woman and communicator! This course is directed at women who have realized that practice and access to good networks is a key to success. 

Act confidently, personal and with charisma

Communicate with vigor and clarity

Use more efficient arguments - and have fun

Course content:

  • How to communicate structure and clarity
  • Body language - how to modify your speech
  • Voice and breathing - the base of your expressions
  • On presence, energy and charisma
  • How to handle disturbances during your performance...
  • Female, male - and human talk
  • To plant a suggestion and anchor a decision
  • Worth knowing about the master ruling techniques
  • Feedback on your speeches/presentations etc, which are video recorded

Program: Three (3) full days with space in between, according to request.

Participants: A maximum of 10

Course leaders: Forum Rhetorica in cooperation with AFÍRMIA AB Scenkonst & Utbildning