Presentation skills

Why are some more people more succesful at presentations than others? Because of their dedication, presence, clarity... The course helps expand your personal you - strenghtening your strengths, finding hidden talents, practicing new methods, i.e. making use of your existing potential to create opportunities and succss in your professional life.

Course content:

  • First impressions - evaluating my charisma
  • How to inspire confidence
  • Conveying the message you want to - purpose and content
  • How to reach out? Structure and disposition.
  • How to handle stress
  • Body language
  • Things worth considering, situation by situation
  • Maintaining the listener´s interest
  • Technical aids - pros and cons

Program: Two (2) full days or four (4) half days, or a combination of the two, according to request. The course focuses on practice, personal feedback, and video recordings to create better self-awareness.