Coaching one-to-one

Are you anticipating an important presentation, challenges in your work, or do you wish to improve your communication skills in general? You set the goal you wish to achieve - I will help you get there!

I assist you in:

  • Analyzing and confirming your strengths, and further strengthening them

  • E fficiently creating a speech/presentation
  • Learning how to handle and overcome anxiety and become confident

In a positive and reinforcing setting, we practice and learn the art of how to engage, convince and build mutual reliance.

Program: I offer five sessions, with a week or two in between. During this period you will be given tasks to carry out. In addition to this series I offer an initial meeting for free in order for you to see whether my style of coaching suits you.

Content: When the coaching sessions concern rhetoric and communication, your presentations are video recorded and feedback is given on performance, delivery, content, structure and language used.

When the coaching sessions concern other areas of your working life or private life, we meet and discuss your goals and how to reach them. The first session is exploratory and for free.

Time: 1 - 1.5 hours per occasion